Reception and Information Desks

اطلاعات و پذیرش


The following tips will assist both the Hospital and Patients to save time and expedite the reception process:

  • Patients are required to provide an ID card.
  • Companions of the patients are merely allowed to attend the Departments during the visiting hours; otherwise, they are obliged to carry the special companion card.
  • The patients in Women Departments are only permitted to have female companions. Male visitors are not permitted to attend the Women Department after 8:00 p.m.
  • In public rooms (with more than one bed), the companions to be female or male are prescribed by the physicians. They are also required to receive the special companion card.


To have companions in public rooms will be only possible after taking the following steps:

  • Filling the forms by the physician
  • Receiving the physician’s approval

The visitors are recommended to avoid keeping the following items with them:

  • Any foods for patients, if not arranged with the Department manager
  • Rooted plants

In case there is no vacant bed to immediately hospitalize the patients in need, the staff will do their utmost to make the required arrangements as soon as possible.