Pituitary Clinic

The Pituitary Clinic of the Hospital was established 27 years ago in order to diagnose, treat, and operate pituitary tumors and diseases. It has also made efforts to follow up the pituitary tumors operated by microscopic procedures through the nasal cavity and in some cases via trans-cranial approach. In terms of medical background and well-organized follow up sessions, the clinic has had the honor to be ranked as the first top clinic in the world. The clinic is held in Arad Hospital on a regular basis (very Monday). The clinic is built up of the following members:

Dr. Kazem Abbasyoun (neurosurgeon), Dr. Mahmoud Reza Kaynama (endocrinologist and metabolism specialist), Dr. Leili Mahoozi (endocrine and metabolism specialist), Dr. Hossein Nazem Bokaei (ENT specialist), Dr. Abbas Amirjamshidi (neurosurgeon), and Dr. Masood Mehrazin (neurosurgeon).

Since the early days, the Clinic has managed to operate and follow up more than 1500 patients; there have also a number of patients undergoing medicinal treatment.

Worth to be mentioned is the results attained in the Clinic have been presented in a number of local and international accredited congresses and symposiums, and papers have been accordingly released as well.