Major Areas of Activities:

  • Providing psychopharmacological consultations to the in-patients & out-patients
  • Management the mental disorders including depression, anxiety, psychosis, behavioral disturbance, the delirium and etc. triggered by medical diseases
  • Providing supportive psychotherapy as well as any required consultations for both in- and out-patients
  • Implementing various methods of Psychotherapy
  • Providing the patients with the required Psychoeducation
  • Enabling the patients to coping with critical medical and surgical diseases
  • Intervening the crisis and introducing problem-solving strategies as well as breaking bad news (BBN) in case of sever diseases both to the patients and their companions
  • Developing behavioral management and psychological interventions in physical and difficult patients
  • Management personality disorder in patients
  • Managing the diagnosis and pharmacological & psychotherapy of psycho-somatic, Somatoform disorders & medical unexplained symptom (MUS), OCD, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, eating disorder, sleep-wake disorder, pain disorder, substance related & addictive disorder