Medical Imaging


Available Services:

All the standard services and conventional imaging to manage the diagnostic measures are available in our imaging center.

Special Services

  • Brain angiography
  • Whole body angiography (abdomen, kidneys, extremities and etc.)
  • Cardiac, Brain & whole body CT angiography
  • CT myelography
  • 3Dimenssional CT scan

Available Staff:

The Department is well-backed up by a group of experienced as competent experts to do the specialized and sub-specialized imaging procedures.

As staff radiologist of the Department, Dr. Taheri and Dr. Adibi are available (based on a preplanned time table) all days of the week including the weekends to ensure the best quality of the services in terms of diagnosis, consultation, and treatment. They specifically support other medical teams by not only the reports prepared on the images, but through the angiography, myelography, biopsies and ctc.

The imaging Department has always made the efforts to take the best measures so that the quickest and safest as well as most ensured services could be provided to the patients and the medical teams. Throughout the year, all the staff are mandated to participate various training and retraining courses to guarantee the services at all times (including weekends).

Available Technological Facilities and Medical Equipment:

The imaging Department takes advantage from a range of equipment and machines to meet the medical imaging requirements. The follows represents a list of imaging technologies:

  • Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines are able to perform all general and special ultrasound procedures including trans-vaginal, trans-rectal ultrasound and necessary biopsies.
  • DR general radiology unit
  • DDR Radiography Machine could digitally perform all specialized and sub-specialized procedures. It is also equipped with the fluoroscopy which allows the visibility of the body internal organs to conduct the radiographies through intensifying detectors.
  • DSA Angiography Machine is developed to both deal with the digital radiography and the angiography of different parts of body such as brain or other organs.


  • Spiral CT Scan Machine enables the medical team to take whole body various scans with high speed and accuracy which able to reconstruct the images.
  • 64 Slice CT Scan Machine is one of the latest and most equipped CT machines in Iran and the neighboring countries. The machine possess the capacity to perform the cardiac, brain, and other angiographies beside the conventional scans with 3dimenssional reconstruction of the images and CT guided needle biopsy of the organs.
  • 0/3Tesla Open MRI Machine is an open one to be used in ease for the patients who are afraid of getting to MRI tunnel (claustrophobia).
  • Plan Meca Depanorex OPG Machine makes it possible to prepare high quality pictures of all the teeth and to conduct the cephalometry and radiography of the jaw joints.
  • Mammography Machine is applied to diagnose the tumors and masses found in breasts.
  • Automatic Injection Machines (two in number) are in operation to manage the CT scans and the angiographies with an adjustable amount and pace of medication injection.
  • Konica CR Processor and Printer is an aid for all the radiographies which are normally performed based on the special casts. Konica CR could give high quality prints and minimize the human errors normally committed during the non-digital radiography when the strength and intensity of the radiation are calculated. The images to be printed are transferred via electronic systems to 5 printers which reserve the repetition of the radiographies. The machine is, in addition, connected to the satellite via the PACS of the Imaging Department. Then, the images could be seen all over the globe, where necessary. Here, the patients are provided with a video, CTAngio, and MRI along with all digital images including the angiographies and myelographies. The Imaging Department is equipped with the computerized systems, imaging systems, and 8 computers to perform the reception formalities, typing, and sending the images to the other locations.

Working hours of Department and Physicians’ Shifts:

The Department is in operation in a 24 hour manner. The specialists join the Department from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. In case of an emergency, all specialists will be available on call.


Arad Hospital is planning to keep a best of the latest technologies in the area of medical imaging to bring about the most desirable services to the patients, introducing the newest High Tesla MRI machines as well as Digital Radiography machines. Recently the hospital administration decided to purchase 1/5 Tesla MRI unit which could be equipped of advanced options capable of doing functional MRI, MR spectroscopy, diffusion and perfusion scans, to support our well-known neurosurgical department

The hospital encourages the staff involved in imaging processes to take part in congresses and the retraining courses held by the Iranian Association of Radiology and other manufacturers and distributors of the medical imaging. There are additionally books, journals, and CDs compiled by the Hospital to give the needed instructions.

Phone number: 77601001-6