Department of Hemodialysis

This department mainly responsible for:
1. Maintenance hemodialysis for chronic renal failures patients (ESRD)
2. Acute hemodialysis for ICU and CCU with mobile dialysis machine
3. Acute hemodialysis for inpatients and outpatients
4. General nephrology consultation and treatment for inpatients
5. Nephrology clinic for outpatients (who don’t need to be admitted to hospital)
In Hemodialysis Unit we have 6 stations, 4 stations for acute maintenance hemodialysis in 3 shifts (every day, 12 times hemodialysis). 1station for acute renal failure, 1 station for acute HBS Ag+ patients & 1 station for CRRT
Board certified specialists in kidney evaluate and treatment hemodialysis patients. Patients receive their care for same doctors and nurses practitioners for each treatment.
Arad nephrologists work with vascular surgeons, cardiologists and other specialists when necessary to expand care for a patients beyond dialysis all times in day and advanced features that measure therapy during dialysis which assures that the best treatment given.
We use the most advanced dialysis machines on the market (gambro ak96, gambro primalflex)
This machine features decleanated Reverse Osmosis (RO), water treatment for safety (the new model B.W.T 10,000)
Hemodialysis Unit is a technologically sophisticated system with a special design.